Jenn Cristy

"Every time I see Jenn Cristy play I wonder why in the world she's not a household name and I'm convinced that we'll see her on Jimmy Fallon soon. In the meantime, you should catch her while you can. Jenn has an amazingly soulful voice that is in grand rock and roll style. She's talented, surrounded by a top-notch band, super-nice, and beautiful." Nora Spitznogle - The Broad Ripple Gazette

“The Jenn Cristy band is destined for greatness. It is one of those bands you know you will one day look back and remember the first time you saw them. Jenn has personality and talent…a complete package. We love her!” Peggy McClelland (Executive Producer) - Indy Style -WISH-TV

“And when Jenn Cristy hit the stage, you held that breath. Jenn and her band reset the meter for the bands that followed. Belting out “Lady Madonna”, Jenn pounded away at her piano with flourishes that would humble Macca himself. Cristy then upped the ante further with a medley that included snippets of Billy Joel and Led Zeppelin. She’s a tough act to follow –”