PRINCETON RECORD EXCHANGE---"The Jenn Cristy Band slowly unleashed its own brand of classic rock guitar riffs and bruising drums mixed with soul inspired piano melodies and a voice that would bring down Broadway...the new album finally places Cristy at the forefront of a new recipe for a soul-rock combination. Hotel Confessions is far and away the most mature and professional album for Jenn Cristy. It shows her range at vocals and capitalizes on her ability to tickle the ivories like no one else in rock. The album is a new take on piano fronted rock as her work is masterful and reflects her years of dedication to the craft. Every element of the album is right on target with the vision Jenn has for her music. It’s dark and beautiful, classic but new..."

THE HERALD TIMES- "(Hotel Confessions) has ample room to showcase Cristy's powerful, soulful yet intricate vocals and dextrous piano playing in what sounds like a rock musical for mischievous love - and love gone wrong - with kiss and tells and morning afters (running from the things we know all of us are lying to protect ourselves). The CD of foot-tapping originals moves to the bedroom and back through such titles as Dirty and Bleed to the often requested Butterfly Wings and Mr. Beautiful Brown Eyes (mister I'll call you later / I won't lose your number).

David Queisser, owner Locals Only
"As a club owner, the one thing more enjoyable than a fantastic stage show is a full room of happy, satisfied, toe-tapping patrons. Jenn Cristy has brought this, and more, at every show I have ever had the pleasure of seeing and hearing. The energy and talent that she and her band express on stage along with their professionalism and enthusiasm are qualaties rarely generated by bands these days."

Just Plain Folks
"Jenn Cristy has an instant charisma that connects to the audience before the first note is played. When the music starts, she's got your attention and delivers on it with engaging high energy piano based pop rock songs that keep you wanting more." -Brian Austin Whitney

Jenn Cristy Rocks the Lobster Review
Shalina Kirkhoff
When you're good, you're good. The first thing I noticed about Jenn Cristy's performance was this: The longer Jenn and her band played, the more people they pulled off the stree. An asset to have, as the Bloomington-based group showed that if you can't bring your crowd with you, just gather another one with a great performance. Those people knew it was good, all they had to do was hear it from the outside to fork over the cover charge and go see what was going on.

Indy In Tune
Darrin Snider
"Frankly, when I drove down to Bloomington to meet Jenn (Bloomington, by the way, does count -- my show; my rules), I didn't know quite what to expect, but I'm now happy to report that she definitely lives up to her motto: "A lit'l less diva ... a lit'l more rock." As the interview shows, she is in fact, a warm, funny, and very genuine person who I really can't say enough nice things about"
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