FALL 2019 SCHEDULE begins August 26th! (UPDATED: JULY 28th)

Hello everyone! I’m working on trying to create some easier ways of communicating with everyone this year since my list has expanded and I have a busy schedule coming up. Using this method I think will make it a little more consistent so we are all on the same page with my schedule. I hate when I miss one name scrolling through my texts when sending out reminders. It also should make it easier for you to know what slots are open throughout the week if you need to move with a link to an online google calendar I’ve created. I haven’t had huge success with this in the past, but it’s been a few years and hopefully everyone is somewhat familiar with this idea. If not, texting still works, just let me know you will need to stick to that.

My Fall schedule has become pretty hectic with my company. I’m hoping I won’t have many weeks that I have to move around lessons, but maybe with the calendar and everyone being able to plan ahead things can run as smoothly as possible! Check out the odd schedule of the first few weeks of August and then plan ahead for once the official Fall schedule kicks in August 26th. Please let me know if there are dates you know you won’t be coming in in advance. It will be a big wonderful running machine if everyone works together…a student may need a different spot one week that you just happen to not be coming in for…and that could easily switch. It just makes for a nice system where we are all helping each other out!

PLEASE SEND me a text of your top 3 picks for lesson times Monday-Wednesday. I have already placed several students (starting with August 26th) with the times they had at the end of last school year. If you’d like to keep that time, great! If not, let me know ASAP with those other picks.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. If you have any problems getting the calendar, let me know. Otherwise…here we go!!


This calendar has the most recent (consistent) lessons scheduled. If you don’t see your name, don’t panic. It’s only because we didn’t have you on a consistent time/day in the last few months. First come, first serve and I will try to help find a spot that works for everyone!

I recommend checking this every Sunday to make sure a rehearsal didn’t pop up on my end. I will still try to alert everyone of those plans at their lesson AND/OR via text!

!!!!!! Also notice I am teaching Sunday, August 4th if your lesson would be when I would be gone that week!

FAQs 2019

  • TIME: Time slots are between the hours of 3pm - 9pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The option of every other week may be available for some time slots if I can find someone to alternate with you. Starting January 2019, previous students will have the option to move or stay in the current time slot and then the rest will be opened.

  • PRICE: $25/half hour $50/hour · I don’t recommend more than a half hour for anyone under the age of 14. I will, however, suggest an hour if I feel like more time is needed!

  • I am as flexible as I can be with everyone with the expectation that everyone can be equally as flexible with me. I understand people get sick, emergencies happen, and life introduces challenges weekly that can make scheduling difficult. I also have tours that pop up throughout the year which make me unavailable unless via video while I’m on the road. With that said, I ask all students and parents to give me at least 24 hour notice for cancellations. This allows me the option to either fill the open slot or shift so that I do not have gaps in my schedule.

  • My time is very limited outside of the time I dedicate for teaching/coaching. I have an entertainment company that requires an extreme amount of time, so please be patient with any requests you have of me outside of your time slot.

  • I treat everyone as a unique individual. Everyone learns differently. My expectations do not change though. I want the very best from each and every single person. I’ve had to work very hard to “play” music, and to me, it is the most rewarding career. It may not be for everyone, but I strive to fulfill as many dreams for those who work with me as I can.

  • SIMPLY: Give me your best and I will give you mine!! Put in the time and you will get better…if you don’t, you simply can’t improve.

  • Have fun with this. Push the boundaries. Be patient. Be driven. Be open to all new experiences and suggestions from me. I promise I’m suggesting things for a very good reason!

  • HOUSE RULES: Unfortunately, I do not have a waiting room since I teach out of my home and my studio is located in the back. Please respect my family by not hanging out in the house prior to lessons. I will be a little more aware on my time limits this year to help keep a smooth transition between everyone so that no one gets a lesson cut short. My family is used to people walking in and coming straight back, so knocking is an option, but we are very used to people just coming in. We have cats…please always shut the door behind you. They won’t survive outdoors, I don’t think they have the brains!